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Refrigeration appliances are an important part of any kitchen. They keep your food cold and fresh, and help you to save money on your grocery bill. But with so many different refrigerators and freezers on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Let the experts at Johnnie's Appliances help you find the perfect fit for your home.

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French Door Refrigerators are a popular choice for many households since they offer easy access to both shelves and compartments within the appliance. These refrigerators usually have three sections: two side-by-side refrigerator doors on top, and a single freezer drawer below. French Door refrigerators are highly efficient and tend to have larger storage capacities than other types of refrigerators. They also come with various interior configurations such as adjustable shelving, humidity controlled drawers, and digital temperature controls that help keep food fresh.

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Side-by-side refrigerators are an ideal choice for those with limited kitchen space since they take up less room in the kitchen and store more food than other types of refrigerators. Side-by-side refrigerators have two sections: one side is made up of refrigerator shelves while the other is composed of freezer drawers or compartments. Many Side-by-Side models also come equipped with features such as water dispensers and ice makers for added convenience.

Top freezer refrigerators are typically the most economical option when it comes to refrigeration appliances, making them ideal for budget conscious shoppers who still want efficiency and ample storage capacity. Top Freezer refrigerators feature a freezer compartment at the top section of the appliance and a refrigerator compartment below it. Although these models tend to be smaller compared to other styles of refrigerators, they still provide ample storage options for food items thanks to adjustable shelving units and wire racks inside the fridge portion.

Bottom freezer refrigerators are becoming increasingly popular due to their ergonomic design that allows users to access both the fridge portion and freezer portion without having to bend down. The configuration of these appliances also makes it easier for users to find items quickly by organizing them into different levels according to how frequently they will be used; items used more often can be stored at eye level in the refrigerator section while frozen items would be placed in lower drawers or compartments in the freezer portion.

Built in refrigerators offer homeowners an aesthetically pleasing look that blends in seamlessly with their existing cabinetry or kitchen decor while still providing ample storage space inside its sleek cabinet style doors or drawers. Built In Refrigerator models come in a variety of sizes from full-sized designs ranging from 24" - 36" wide all the way down compact undercounter designs for use as additional cold storage space in kitchens with limited space available.

Counter depth refrigerators are designed specifically for those who want a built in look but don’t have enough room for full sized Built In models due to requirements set by local building codes or simply because there isn't enough wall clearance behind their existing cabinetry setup. Counter depth models usually range from 23"-26" deep so they don't protrude out too far past your countertop creating a clean, streamlined look that won’t take away from your kitchen's overall aesthetic appeal.

Freezerless refrigerator models are perfect solutions if you don’t need any frozen food items but still need extra cold storage space available without taking up too much room in your kitchen area. These energy efficient appliances feature multiple shelves offering plenty of room for storing drinks, dairy products, meats, vegetables, fruits, leftovers – anything you can think off! Unlike traditional refrigerator designs which require regular manual defrosting maintenance; Freezerless models can easily be maintained simply by wiping down walls periodically ensuring maximum efficiency throughout its lifetime.

Compact refrigerator models make great additions as supplemental chillers either at home or at work where there might not be enough room available for larger refrigerator/freezer sets or if you're looking for just some extra cold storage options without having to sacrifice too much square footage from your living/working environment. Compact refrigerator units usually feature reversible door hinges so you can open them either left or right depending on where it's going installed allowing complete flexibility even when dealing with tight confines like dorm rooms or small apartments where every bit of spare space must be accounted for.

Under the counter refrigerator units add convenient cold storage solutions beneath counters either at home or at business establishments; giving customers quick access drinks & snacks wherever needed without requiring too much countertop real estate being sacrificed in order to accommodate them; all while providing functional yet stylish aesthetics blending smoothly into whatever preexisting environment they may find themselves installed inside from bars & clubhouses down to restaurant kitchens & office staff breakrooms alike!

Beverage centers offer dedicated cooling systems tailored specifically towards preserving foods & beverages such as beer/wine bottles & cans along with pre-filled glasses; thus allowing consumers greater control over what conditions these refreshments must remain stored under until served (i.e., cool temperatures free from light exposure) - all delivered within sleek compact frames taking only minimal floor/shelf space thereby reducing clutter & freeing up more storage room for other items.

Wine coolers are designed solely for preserving wine bottles in optimal conditions; featuring adjustable temperature settings allowing users to fine-tune their refrigeration unit’s internal environment down to the very degree ensuring that all stored bottles of vino remain in perfect condition until served. Dual Zone Wine Coolers provide even greater control through offering two distinct climate zones inside a single frame -allowing consumers to keep both red & white wines under separate environmental conditions as desired.

Refrigerator drawers provide flexible storage solutions either at home or commercial settings - allowing users to quickly access items such as condiments, pre-prepped foods & even bottles of beer/wine without having to open up their main refrigeration unit each time; thus avoiding excessive cold air loss resulting in higher energy costs.

Freezers & ice makers provide consumers with frozen storage solutions for keeping perishable items fresh; all while offering several convenient options such as chest freezers (perfect for storing bulk amounts of food) & built-in ice makers which allow you to produce large quantities of ice with minimal effort.

Refrigeration accessories round out the refrigeration category; offering an array of products designed to help you store & organize your food/drink items in its healthiest condition. Whether it’s stackable bins for creating extra shelf space inside a refrigerator or packing materials such as vacuum sealers for preserving perishable foods - all these added extras ensure that you get the best from your refrigeration appliances at all times.

Ultimately when looking for the best refrigeration solutions available it's important to consider both style and function while keeping in mind what type of cooling options best fit one's particular needs. From compact fridges to full-sized freezers – there are countless different types of refrigerators & freezers on today's market providing consumers with plenty of awesome features.

Where to Find the Best Refrigeration Appliances

At Johnnie's Appliances, you'll find a wide selection of refrigerators and freezers from some of the leading brands. Whether you're looking for an energy-efficient model or one with special features such as temperature control and water dispensers, they have something for just about everyone. Plus, their knowledgeable staff is always on hand to answer any questions and help you select the perfect appliance for your home or business.

You can find us in the South Daytona, New Smyrna Beach, Orange City, and Palm Coast, FL area. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or stop by!